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President Al-Bashir: Heightening of Roseires Dam is Sudan's Real Oil

The President and the accompanying delegation were received at the airport by the Wali (Governor) of the Blue Nile State , General Malik Aggar, his Deputy, Ahmed Karamino, and members of the state's government. President Al-Bashir then launched the work at the Roseires Dam project and the New Electricity Power Station in the Blue Nile State . Addressing a mass rally in Genais town, Roseires state, President Al-Bashir promised that the Roseires Dam Heightening project will end poverty not only in the Blue Nile State , but in the whole. He recalled that the patriotic leader Ismai Al-Azhari inaugurated Roseires Dam in the year 1966 in the month of Shaaban and now the government is also beginning the second stage in the same month of Shaaban coincidentally, hoping that this step will be one for the good and the welfare of the people of the Blue Nile State and the whole Sudanese nation. President Al-Bashir expected that the second stage of the heightening project, which comes after 43 year since the establishment of Roseires Dam, will cover the need of and all the neighboring countries. President Al-Bashir ensured that he will give a special support for compensating the citizens who will be affected by the heightening project. He estimated that implementation of the heightening project will increase the cultivated area at Gezira and Managel Schemes to more than three million feddans (acres). He warns that all the oil resources would deplete, but agriculture will never perish, asserting that agriculture is the real petroleum of . He affirmed that development in Sudan, the land of one million square miles, will be realized, indicating that work will shortly begin to establish Damazin – Kurmuk and Damazin – Gissan – Roseires – Menza roads. He pledged that more developmental projects will be implemented in the Blue Nile State . President Al-Bashir pointed out that the Blue Nile State is bestowed with tremendous manpower and natural resources that should be utilized, adding that the unfavorable security conditions in the past have impeded the development process in the state. He expressed his appreciation of the people of the Blue Nile State who have shown a good model for the sharing of power. President Al-Bashir vowed to support the people affected by the implementation of the project for heightening Roseires Dam and providing them with better housing, services and living conditions. He asked the citizens of the Blue Nile State to pray for Almighty Allah to help and to prevent it from the evil of enemies. He said that the , the arrogant countries, and the Security Council are intending to split the unity of , but the Sudanese people are capable to ward off and repulse such hostilities. He affirmed that all the conspiracies being woven against will only increase the nation's steadfastness and determination to go ahead in its development and construction march. President Al-Bashir said that the government will never abandon its plans to implement development projects all over the country, adding that the state is determined to complete Merowe Dam, implement the project for heightening Roseires Dam and to establish more development projects and dams in South . Meanwhile, the Minister and Executive Director of the Dams Implementation Unit, Mr. Usama Abdalla Mohamed Al-Hassan, said that the Unit would like to assure the affected citizens that their rights are persevered, and promising that the heightening project will be accompanied by the launch of many development projects in all the localities in the Blue Nile State . He thanked the President of the Republic for his sponsoring such ambitious projects. He also appreciated the Arab funds which have extended support and funding for implementation of the heightening project and establishment of Merowe Dam. Al-Hassan also praised the government of Blue Nile State for its cooperation, and hailed the affected people for their positive and patriotic spirit, hoping that this successful experiment will be transferred to other states in the country toward realizing comprehensive development all over . He said that work for establishment of such major projects will continue with strong determination so as to put in a prominent and leading place among countries. He said that the Roseires Dam heightening is the beginning for making the world's food basket depending on the increase that the project will provide in the field of electricity power and extension of the cultivated area. The Wali (governor) of the Blue Nile State , General Malik Aggar, also addressed the mass rally welcoming the visit of the President of the Republic and conveyed to him the warm welcome of the state's citizens. He appreciated the projects which were established by the government in the Blue Nile State , stating that his state is looking for more projects. General Aggar said that President Al-Bashir is greatly concerned with establishment of development projects in the Blue Nile State and as well as all over . He said that any citizen who is affected by establishment of any development project will have his right in full and will be compensated, explaining that an agreement was made between the Blue Nile State government and the Dams Implementation Unit to prepare the lists of the affected citizens in preparation for the compensation process. The Wali affirmed that the heightening of Roseires Dam will be for the benefit of the nation and its development and stability.





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